a landscape’s time of change


Three hands studants´ drawing

Info/ registration at marta@martassoares.com 

Learning the creative process and intuition throught artistic expression

Within a landscape’s time of change, which is variable depending on the moment that we want to capture, the workshop starts with the intention of exploring the creative process and intuition in artistic expression, and as we proceed and record impressions, we start to produce work.


Carrying out various exercises (attention, concentration, use of materials, markings and other with sound, movement and space) we will be led to unexpected places, from a place of subjectivity and affect, intuition and sensitivity, moving away from an ‘idea’.

In that place of concentration, a personal object, an emotion, or an image will reveal itself through a process that will be discovered, in order to make work that can be painting, drawing, performance, etc.

Along with the practical exercises, we will look at the paths of other artists in order to identify those moments of intuition.


Groups of 5 people, meeting weekly for 1.5 hours.

Tuesdays at 6.30 pm or Saturdays at 10.30 am.

For those who aren’t artists. 15 years old onwards.

The course begins every quarter. Duration of 6 months (3 + 3).



The classes were very well prepared, a lot of attention and dedication to the group! And lots of information …


The course was a wonderful imersive experience, in a world previously admired, however till this point, totally unknown.
Marta is a very talented and sensible artist, who guided us through a path of curiosity and discovery.
I have never imagined to be capable to produce an art work and was thrilled with the outcome.